About me

Starting Hibiscus Mind is my own kind of adventure and i want to share it with you. To enjoy it a little bit more, i thought i ought to introduce myself properly.

My name is Alexandra and i am 16 years young. My home is in Geneva, Switzerland but my heart is always somewhere else. I try to live my life to the fullest and to always follow my dreams, even îf that sounds really cheesy. I feel like this world has so much to show and to give that i don't want to miss a single piece of it ! Travelling is a passion that my parents have transmited to me and, as i still am pretty young, i have shared most of my adventures with my family. I am only starting now to fly with my own wings to discover new parts of the world by myself. I want to share with you my great adventure, and that is how Hibiscus Mind was born.

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